Helping Clued-up


Clued up has been helping young people since 2002. We are a non statutory registered charity reliant on funding from a variety of sources. As such we very much welcome donations of any size either to support us generally or for specific areas of our service. If you would like to discuss how you might help fund us please contact Lorna any afternoon or email us at

Very many thanks for considering helping to fund Clued-up.

Being involved

We very much welcome suitable applications from people who may be able to spend time helping us in a voluntary capacity. You may have the skills required to work with young people or to help with the varied and interesting work that takes place to support what we do.

If you consider you could help us in any way please get in touch.

Friends of Clued-up Information Shop

If you would like to be kept in touch with us here at Clued-up you can join our mailing list. Please email us at

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