Helping Young People

A counselor talking to a young person

The majority of Young People we see self refer to us, others can be referrals from parents, relations, guardians, friends or professionals including GP’s, teachers, social workers, health workers etc

If you have concerns about a young person or think we can help them in anyway please advise them to come to our drop in service or contact us by telephone, website or email. Where a young person wants to contact us but may find it just too difficult please get in touch so we can discuss how we may best support you.

Generally experience tells us that we can help young people best when they see us alone. However if a young person specifically requests that a friend, parent, relative is with them we would of course respect this where it is considered positive for the young person. We do reserve the right only to work with young people who want to be at Clued-up. We do respect young people’s legal right to confidentiality in the same way as professionals, GPS’s, Counsellors etc do.

Although we do not formally support parents, relatives or friends of young people we are able to provide information that may be helpful to you.

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